This Sugar Warmer saves you time, space and electricity.



Only suitable for our 1 kg Sugar Pastes, it will keep the temperature of your Sugar Paste constant. You will be able to work with no interruptions. Place the 1 kg Sugar Pot (without the lids) in the warmer, turn on to setting 8, and after 60 min reduce to setting 5 to 6. This should maintain an optimum working temperature for the Sugar Paste of 45 C° Use your spatula to gently stir regularly. In the Summertime you may set the heater at a lower temperature. When your sugar pot is half empty you only need to set your heaters at 5 to 6 to achieve the right consistency after 45 min.

NB* Please only clean the sugar warmer with a damp cloth and turn it off when you finish with your sugaring treatments. When the heaters are switched off we advise to put it’s lids back on top to cover your sugar paste and protect it from dust. Never leave the heaters turned on overnight.

Heating in the Microwave:

The Sugar Paste should be warmed to 40-45°C. This will give the paste the right consistency to work with. This can be done in a microwave. Put the full 1 kg sugar pot without the lid into the microwave (on the edge of the rotating plate to get uniform warming) setting the power to full and warm it for 1,5-2 minutes. Each microwave is different, so start with shorter times until you know how much time your microwave needs to achieve the 40-45°C. The less sugar in the pot, the less time is needed.