This Triple Sugar Heater saves you time, space and electricity.



NB* Please only clean the sugar heater with a damp cloth with warm water and always turn if off after you finish with your sugaring treatments.

Suitable for all our sugar pastes posts. 1 kg and 500 g.

Heating in the Microwave:

The Sugar Paste should be warmed to 40-45°C. This will give the paste the right consistency to work with. This can be done in a microwave. Put the full 1 kg sugar pot without the lid into the microwave (on the edge of the rotating plate to get uniform warming) setting the power to full and warm it for 1,5-2 minutes. Each microwave is different, so start with shorter times until you know how much time your microwave needs to achieve the 40-45°C. The less sugar in the pot, the less time is needed.

Heating in the Sugar Heater:

Alternatively you can heat your sugar by placing the pots directly in the heater. This can take up to 1 hour. (for 1 kg sugar paste) When the pots are full, you can set the temperature to 8 and down to setting 6 after 40-60 min. Please remember to gently stir your paste occasionally. Your sugar paste should achieve the right temperature after 60 min. Again, less sugar in the pot, less time is needed.